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Hello, the ghost in this chair is me, says I

I love to share voice, but just to the sky

Heart of crimson like a rose, soul tinted like the sea

You said hi, I may have froze, please excuse the discourtesy

As you see, I am a ghost, I have no use for greeting

My heart departed for the dark long before our meeting

If you ask me how it left, I could not say

Old tales told before the wake only bring dismay

That one time, or rather the other, I could not be certain

But it is once rung, the bell has sung, thus shuts the curtain

I am a ghost, but yet I am warm, I offer you no fear

I may cry at our goodbye, but I promise you no tear

I am a ghost, and the life after next gives you time to think

I have the guile to make you smile, but I’ll vanish if you blink

For you see, I am a ghost, with many a things to do

I have no time for all the grime, no curse, no thief, or flu

I am a ghost, but I am busy, bare with me if you please

My soul has weight but all it takes to bruise is a breeze

But I am not hollow, I harrow, I grieve, I trigger, I glee

I cower in detest, and ponder your neglects, and fade in your… oh wait, now I see

It's not about the silent shouts or the way I came to be

It all makes sense, because I’m a ghost, you always saw right through me

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