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On the Wind of Wings

To the heart of the matter, let's stay real.

That’s the only way you’ll continue to feel.

The journey wreaks havoc if you say so, it’s truly a blessing when you finally know.

The answers, they come through the scope; it’s the one.

The laser sharp beam tells what it means.

Every dynamic expounds through a sigh.

Released for true peace, no need to ask why.

How give the clues from a curious heart. Known all along from end to start.

Revelations speak volumes when eyes open themselves; and ears follow up to climb the next shelf.

Climb and don’t stop, don’t you dare let a flop become who you are for real.

There are no spells when you live in a shell and a bubble that stays full of grins.

Love, as it says, brings life from the dead and the curious always win.

Views of a child help us stay wild and in tune for the tune in of our hearts.

Creation of dreams, starts at the seams of the garment that’s made from textured parts.

Allow this to resonate and you will relate to the life that has always been yours.

Be still, exude grace, lead with mercy and justice for those who hold your heart.

A true warrior's stance.

Not everyone gets in the shop to observe the pie or even gets a chance. It’s delicious and fresh.

Preserved just right and when eaten with your eyes closed, it holds the secret to life.

A puppy’s breath, a kitten's purr, and a baby giraffe, are beautiful wonders; what’s in store for their growth?

Height, depth, and width; all dimensions of sorts that express their own background when you move back and forth.

There is no fear when you live here.

Only a curious knowing that you will find when you’re flowing, through the lense of a babe.

Innocence lends her beauty to those who seek her face. Everyone has a story no one can replace.

Perception so it’s said, could bring you life or leave you dead, only when seeing her face, the way it’s

seen by your soul.

Grasped from the grip that leaves the knife on its tip, and a yearning to slice the pie and taste.

How does it feel on your tongue? Where do the sensations come from?

Real food is in your soul and expressed through your essence, and your entity plays a role when felt.

Negativity gone, so the stretch and the yawn are able to give force to light pelts.

The darkness, that place where you see your true face, is the only place you belong.

Seen from the eyes of the true window it glides and tells the story of the pinecone.

De-crusted allows intuition to be your friend; this is the beginning of the end of the jaded, twisted fake clones.

Follow your heart, give instead of take, and the dream will come alive in your face.

Dreaming awake and living the dream are closer and in place.

Thoughts are things giving life to what you bring to their desires and their schemes.

Lifted, ascended drifted and mended.

The seams have been sewed with pure strength.

Clothes for our souls tell a story of bold when gifted with the beauty of rare.

The magnificence is felt as you climb the next shelf into the dimension unseen.

It’s real, they’re all real. You will know, when you feel and experience, the presence of God.

No longer will your doing be as others are shewing and clueless in their state.

Quantum leaps on your feet and off, only to be lifted again.

There is no stuck when rid of the guck that claims to be for your friend.

Natural and simple and minimal and clean. Keep the gleam of the glean serene.

On and on in this brain dump and song and the tune is one of its waves.

What does it mean to stay in a dream with your eyes open to tell?

The story is yours, all for the glory of the one in whom you dwell.

Humble and strong, silence a new song to be sung in the face of pure gold.

Priceless and driven, the river is wide, and the lake is as clear as the sky.

Waterfalls, awe beauty and a place in a palace, the next move for the glow, have you high.

Shiny and bright bring dark to the light and understood as the next phase.

The glaze on the deck spells the next speck of the fleck of the flax seeds and hemp hearts eaten.

These are the things that will continue to bring growth to your soul from above, not fleeting.

The narration is one with the sum of its pace and the dance is in tune with the hertz.

Guided, meditated on, and fizzed from the grit leave the grip to be felt oh so tight.

It’s right, it’s real and it does steal but not like a thief in the night.

Held so tight no separation from life only a closeness that none ever knew.

A soul awakened unto itself, left the mind to elevate and be renewed.

The abyss is the place where colours dance with true grace and tell their story with the birds in the air.

With flair and bliss as each wave kiss, the gift given unto it till the end.

The frost has melted and only warmth is left on the heart that always said no.

Go with the flow, slow the pace, know your role and the toll has been paid in full.

The exchange will not change, only grow at its pace, and leave the wonder at the door, it’s now closed.

The pose of the nose that gave scent to the rose, finally said I will.

Understand. Understood. Open the hood. The engine is primed and roaring.

Everything new. Nothing is blue, just rose tinted with bliss on its wings.

Fly in your heart, sing to the sky. Let each colour carry a tune.

Take true flight, glide with the angels of love and the flowers that bloom.

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